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The Way of Life: Jesus is His Name

Ricketts says "The people you keep around you affect who you are; like fruits in a basket. When one fruit starts to rot it contaminates the other fruits. What this really means is that the people around you will eventually affect your soul if they are toxic. On the contrary, surrounding yourself with like-minded, Christ-minded people will enrich your soul."

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Brohdny Ricketts
2019 best actor nominee

Matters Into Your Own Hands


On The Road!

Being True To Yourself

The Transition

Welcome To Our Blog! You Only Know What You Know Until…

Brohdny's New Podcast Series!

In light of the current necessity of social distancing, Brohdny Ricketts has begun a podcast series that addresses topical issues important to people who are interested in coping and improving themselves during these challenging times.

You can find all of Brohdny’s Walk podcasts on PodBean here.

Brohdny Ricketts

Minister – Founder – Veteran – 3X Author 

Social Worker –  Actor

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