Living The Good Life

  • I will advocate on your behalf
    • Need not worry
      • Be sure to come to me
  • I am the prince of peace, the Alpha and Omega
  • I trust you for you are honest
  • Do not value anything more than me
  • You cannot live the good life and serve two masters
    • You can live the God life, have a blessed life
      • You will live the Good (God) life with the heavenly riches

We have an Advocate that atone for our sins on a regular basis. So why do you worry about things that we cannot change on our own? We need to go to our Advocate who is the Prince of Peace, the Beginning & the End. You must be honest but be honest with yourself or else you cannot be truly honest to others. Be mindful of the priorities in your life especially the hierarchy of those priorities. Ensure that your focus is on earth as it is in heaven.

In case you didn’t catch on Jesus is our advocate that ensures that God knows we are Saved. The Helper-The Holy Spirit helps us to stay on track because we get off track any opportunity we get. The devil is always finding was to distract us by our fleshy desires and wants. With our Helper to set us straight so we can go to our Advocate to wipe our slate clean once again. There are no good deeds we can do or anything we can do to earn what Jesus did for us all by dying on the cross. It is the LOVE of God that we are able to repent and make things right between us (you) and our creator.