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Once and For All

2020 Vision

Gods message to me to share with the world:

  • Jesus paid it all once and for all
    • Not by mans accord but by My will
  • My child be patient and steadfast here on earth
    • The day of judgement will come
    • Christ will return
  • There is no other way to abolish ones sin than through Jesus
  • No other plea will sanctify your soul
  • The power is within you,
    • All your enemies are to be a footstool through Christ through confessions of your sin
  • You know who I am what I represent
    • Your heart mind and soul are predestined
      • Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you
  • Your sins are no longer of any concern
    • Through Jesus you are forgiven
      • You need not fret you need not do any thing else
        • Follow me your Lord God
  • I your Lord has given you multiple opportunities to turn away from sinning against me
  • Covid-19 something no one has ever seen before