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Putting God First

There have been so many times in church that I wanted to shout or lift my hands and praise the Lord, but I decided not to. At one point, I said, why is it that I can praise athletes and not feel weird but when it comes to the one person who actually matters, I shunned him. I know some of you reading this have done or thought the same thing. Well, I tell you my brothers and sisters do not ignore God be proud and praise him. At that point and time when you feel like shouting or lifting your hands that is actually a special moment. The Holy Spirit is touching you and wants to be one with you but in order for that to happen you must have humility.   

Be a vessel for God, God gives you life and provides a source of spiritual power that comes from within. With this you’re able to touch others and they too can be a vessel and live for Christ. Just like a heart that pumps blood through the body and keeps us alive, there are vessels in that heart of ours. Without these vessels the heart will not function properly or at all. Our heart can get clogged and then you have a heart attack, but that’s why we have doctors who can go in there and improvise by clearing the way for the passage. Just like being a vessel for God on earth we are the ones pumping the Holy Spirit in the world and touching other people.  

God already has a plan for us, and Satan already has a plan; it is up to us to follow the word of the bible. If you don’t follow the bible, you will be a sinner without any repentance and gravitate solely to the evil side. The battle between good and evil is evident in our daily lives, as a follower of Jesus, you will see it is more complex and not just black and white. There is a lot of gray area which to me is considered to be the battle we fight daily. As long as we remember to thank God for making the ultimate sacrifice, John 3:16 KJV “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”