So yeah, coming from a 2300 sqft house to living in a fifth wheel . Best believe it is an adjustment; all the things that did not fit in the fifth wheel is in a 5×15 storage unit and everything else sold or donated. Why would we do that? The quick answer is because of Jesus. There will be more to follow on that. We had it made in the eyes of societies standard for the typical interracial family or let’s say upper middle class American family.

There is an interesting array of events that took place that lead to the sale of our home. Did I mention my wife and I are US Army veterans! We met at Fort Dix NJ and got married within 2 months of knowing each other. FYI she claims she couldn’t stand me when she met me, more on that as you get to know us.

What Would You Give Up?

Luke 18:22 ESV When Jesus heard this, he said to him, “One thing you still lack. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

To be taken in a literal context is the intent for this passage. For this day and age we live in, one must be mindful and allow the spirit to guide them. My family and I prayed about the transition; our kids had a say in the decision and the people close to us encouraged us to follow what God is telling us to do.

In hindsight, one may think that we gave up everything, we kind of did. I feel like we did not really give up much, it was just a really nice house in a really nice neighborhood with great people. I firmly believe that it is a part of God’s plan. It was our walk, our journey and now you are hearing our story. Really though, who builds their house and sells it in 3 years to live in a fifth wheel with their young kids!

More people have been selling their homes and traveling around the U.S. educating their kids. In this case, “you only know what you know until you know”. To be frank, that statement is true for every aspect of life. What is it that you think you know? whatever it is, I am telling you, there is more to know.

For you, get right with Jesus, get that circle of yours right and get right into the bible. To be clear this is not encouraging you to sell your house or move out of your residence. This is about you building your relationship with Jesus so that God can bless you. Allow the spirit of the true living God to guide you.

Relationship not religion

I know! How do you know it is God telling you things? I tell you today that is between you and God. For us, Mandie and I experienced the same thoughts that were then verbalized and we were perplexed for a moment that we both were led in such away. We went to scripture and receive confirmation from the word and when people heard what we were doing, quite often they quoted things from the bible.

Focused or Gazed

In life, do not get fixated on what you think ! Get fixated on a relationship with God because He is there guiding you. It is up to you to focus on Him and not just gaze your way through life. Superficially committing to all aspects of your life i.e. relationships, work, goals, etc. On the contrary, you are so focused on money, sex, alcohol, drugs etc.

What you do matters!

Have you ever realized that the things that are not of God!

Always, there is some deterring factor that makes you second guess what it is you are doing. What do we do in those moments?

Well, depending on what exactly your situation is this varies. Some people get caught and go to court and eventually jail. Others continue for along or sometimes short while and ruin relationships with quite a bit of collateral damage that sometimes takes professional counseling to heal or it becomes a generational curse. Others just live a lie and wonder why things are never really the way they plan though there are moments of what seems to be going as planned then reality reveals itself again and again.

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