My name is Brohdny Ricketts over time you will get to know me and my family very well. So why am I blogging? That is a good question; I certainly do not have spare time on my hands. The quick version answer is because I love people and want you to be the best version of yourself. I am not talking about “living my best life“. Why is that important to me? Why does it even matter? It is important to me because I know life is not fair and people get discouraged along the way of which then hinders one’s ability to be the best version of themselves. It matters because being hindered in any way is not a good thing if sustained for longer than intended.

Longer Than Intended!

Know that discouragement is not an if but a when! Sometimes we get caught up in the circumstance and forget about seeing the situation for what it is. Discouragement is an opportunity for growth. Yeah that’s hard to grasp in the midst of what may very well be one of if the the most discouraging moments in your life. Be mad, get frustrated, want to get even, feel and experience all that you are going through BUT do not let it define your character. When you rest in a circumstance that is not healthy it hinders you and the people around you. Now, you are not just hindering yourself but those close to you; family, friends, coworkers and those strangers who end up being collateral damage to your rampage that comes in many different forms.

Getting to know us!

A little about me. I love Jesus and I’m not into religion. I am married to my bride and we have three children and a German Shepard. We sold over home March 2021 of which we built in 2018. There is more significance to that which will unfold as you get to know us. Currently, we live in a fifth wheel and have a dually to drive it around the U.S. and encourage the people we meet along the way. There is that word again “ENCOURGE”. Right, we all are hindered in some way throughout our lives and get discouraged during that hinderance.

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