You Only Know What You Know

  • shall seek and save the lost

    • The Good News is not just for you

  • Invest in Me your Lord or you shall surely died

  • It is alright to be afraid as long as you trust Me

  • Those whom were once against you will no longer be against you

  • As a youth you will sin but when you know what you know then you shall no longer be rebellious

  • I will instruct you on ways to choose

    • You shall live in prosperity and you descendants shall inherit the land

  • Fear me and I will reveal myself to you

  • Put your Hope in me your Lord

We only know what we know until we know. So once we know, then what? 
this is a good thing to ponder but the really cool thing is we don not have to figure this out on our own. The answer is Jesus! You see Jesus already provided the answer by being the example. You will only know this should you have Jesus in your heart by being born again.

Born again?

what’s this guy talking about? Yes, you need to give up the way you live that does not honor God and what He represents. You see you cannot mix old wine with new wine. If you do not understand that, send me a message or leave a comment. 
out with the old and in with the new. You must first die in order to live, you need to crucify your old self your old ways and allow Jesus to purge and purify your heart.