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Brohdny Ricketts, attained his Master of Social Work at University of Southern California in 2019. Ricketts did most of his undergraduate work at University at Buffalo, he graduated from Empire State College with a B.S. in Human Development in 2017. 

After serving a tour in Iraq 2006, Brohdny was an active-duty soldier until he medically retired from the Army in 2012. Brohdny became a youth group leader, a drummer on the worship team and a Deacon for one year at Winchester Community Church 2013-2018.

 Brohdny was born in Canada, moved to Jamaica where his family lived at one years old, came to America at the age of eight to New Jersey and is currently traveling the U.S. as a fulltime RVer being Mobile Ministry for Christ.

Mandielyn Ricketts, attained her Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Business Management from Grantham University in 2017. Mandie served in the Army and did a tour in Kuwait in 2005. After serving overseas, Mandie remained on active duty until she had her first born in 2009. In 2010, her husband urged her to move back to Western New York where her family is while he stayed on active duty at Fort Dix New Jersey. 

2011 Mandie and Brohdny are expecting their second child. Mandie had the opportunity to work from home and be able to raise their children. Mandie returned to her old Army Reserve unit while being a stay at home mom and working from home.

2013 -2018 Mandie served as Vacation Bible School Coordinator at Winchester Community Church. 2015 Mandie was medically discharged from the Army after 12 years of faithful service to our country. Mandie was born and raised in Western New York, she is currently a full-time RVer traveling the United States as Mobile Ministry for Christ.



The mission of ‘TWRFA Mobile Ministry’ is to empower people by equipping them with 8 core values of which Jesus himself portrayed while on earth. (Loyalty, Obedience, Respect, Duty, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage) Enhancing your development of a spiritual mindset.

The vision is to encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds, all ages, all identifiable genders, any socioeconomic status to intrinsically incorporate eight core values into their everyday lives. By utilizing the 8 core values to make a change within the individual, one person at a time.

Currently, The Walk 615 has gone mobile; on a journey with his family to empower people all across the U.S. TWRFA Mobile Ministry, LLC

On this journey, We Walk Together.

Brohdny Ricketts

Minister – Founder – Veteran – 3X Author 

Social Worker –  Actor

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