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Gods Glory

2020 Vision Gods message to me to share with the world: 

  • There will be time when your silence is the best weapon to honor Me your God

  • In the midst of turmoil there is good being done when you my child are involve

  • The people of this world will twist things for their Glory

  • You shall interpret dreams through me your God

    • You just haven’t seen it yet

  • I will take the evil of this world and use it for my Glory

  • I will place you in a position authority to exemplify My Name

  • The things of your past shall not condemn you

    • For Jesus’ blood has washed you clean

    • Made you new; replenished your God image

  • You shall have many years of uncertainty

    • I your God will be with you every step of the way

  • Your blessings shall be in abundance that you cannot keep track or measure

  • Where you suffered you shall be fruitful

  • When Jesus returns the connecting continents will all separate and all of My people will come together as one in heaven