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Through It All

The way something is structured and hard to change or the way something is not fixated is adaptable able to be analyzed and go from there.

Focus on Jesus but do so by keeping it real and true to yourself. If you try to play God you are only playing yourself in the end. If you can figure out what really matters in the end then that’s what really matters. In the end it all doesn’t matter anyway! Salvation is what it is all about in the end. Jesus died for your salvation, focus on that and everything else will fall into place.

In the end it all doesn’t matter isn’t to promote one to live a casual life with their heads in the cloud. The statement is to promote one to dwelve within themself and analyze what is really important and what really matters. I can tell you all day or a pastor can tell you all day but it is up to the individual to figure our their circumstance or how they want to handle the situation once God reveals to them what it is they see. I’m talking about you and me by the way, not your friend or family member. This is as much about me and you as it is about someone we may be thinking of as we read this.

2020 Vision Gods message to me to share with the world:

  • Have a routine for Me your Lord God
  • Pray you will not fall into temptation
    • Doing so temptation has no jurisdiction no authority over you
    • Jesus himself  prayed to me everyday spoke to me everyday throughout the day
    • I your Lord am connected to my people like DNA dendrites
      • You have the same communication skills that Jesus had while on earth
  • Jesus prayed I your God sent an angel to strengthen him
    • In the same you too have same ability
  • Pray vibrantly in my Name
    • Pray in anguish for this is when I reveal myself
  • Pray in sorrow
  • Place me your God above all things
  • In times of turmoil
    • Pray for healing for others
  • I your Lord knows all things
    • I bring light to you in the darkness
      • You my child must be light when darkness reigns
  • I will tell you a sign
    • I will confirm the sign
Luke 22:43-46
  • Disciples were sorrowful because Jesus was revealing to them what was going to happen
    • Betrayal
    • Deceitfulness
    • Denial