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Where Is The Joy

Where is the J.O.Y? Jesus Others Yourself

You always have access to J.O.Y! The thing is you need to understand that the word joy for this illustration is being used as an acronym.
Joy is defined as: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
In the rough dark times all we need to do is shift our focus. As long as we are steadfast on Jesus the darkness will never outshine the light. Jesus is the light of the world and if Jesus is in you then you too are a light to others while others are a light to you. 
When we follow Jesus there is an inherent expectation for everything to be joyful, not only joyful but joyful all the time. We all know that is not the case but we still would want everything to be the way we want it. Reality check; if everything were to be the way we wanted it our lives would be full of nonsense from materialistic things to skewed perspective on everything about life. 
We are selfish individuals that thrive on the world revolving around us. Now I have to let in on the way it should be. J.O.Y Jesus Others Yourself should be the way we live. Even after we decide to follow Jesus, we still struggle with this mentality of putting others before ourself. Jesus died for all who decide to believe in the sacrifice that God made for us to be with him after our time here on earth. 
Free will what enables us to follow Jesus or not follow Jesus. Now that you know what you know. Are you going to follow Jesus and experience joy? Joy is experienced most intrinsically when we put Jesus first and put others wellbeing before ourselves. Pray this way – Jesus Others Yourself

2020 Vision Gods message to me to share with the world:

Communication with Me your God are at times prophetic

No one comes to me except through Jesus

Jesus is superior to all things even my stout angel

You shall be anointed with the oil of joy in Jesus name

The battle has already been won

You are blessed

You have angels ministering on your behalf

You have received salvation