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Not An Easy Road

I cry sometimes! Do you cry sometimes?

This life is not an easy road and there has been times I have gotten caught up in things that really do not matter in the end. When GETTING CAUGHT UP happens, it tends to take you away from the things that REALLY MATTER in the end. i.e. family, friends, GOD. In the moment we can convince ourselves that what we are caught up in is what really matters in that moment.

On the contrary, days, weeks, months or years; whatever or however long it take you to finally realize what really matters. You finally see it and then go into this period of regret or discontentment within yourself about who you are and what you have done and how stupid you may or may not think you are BUT you feel some kind of way and this realization doesn’t settle well with you.

All along while you were caught up in your relationship, dream job or just new job, a promotion, your first child, newlyweds, a hobby, divorce; you fill in what it is for you. Point is we all get caught up sometime.

With Jesus in your heart you WILL GET CAUGHT UP! Yes, you will because some of us Jesus followers get caught up in what I call RELIGION. *DISCLAIMER: Jesus does not do religion.

Some followers of Jesus get caught up in religion which is just stating you follow Jesus and doing things that are of God to look a certain way. Like going to church every Sunday and still intentionally doing what you know is not right but every Sunday and religious holidays you are Holy. Doesn’t work that way but it happens.

We all get caught up in life’s situations, circumstances, and experiences.

2020 Vision

Gods message to me to share with the world:

  • I your Lord God will question you about the things I already know
    • Therefore my child the spirit of the true living God will lead you
  • You will experience suffering of which is specific for and your walk
    • I your Lord has been and is with you for the rest of your days
  • You will feel the fire burning in your heart
    • That fire is the spirit of the true living God I your Lord
  • Do not fear and be frightened for I am Lord the one God himself sent to earth to die for your sins
    • I am God in the flesh
  • I will reveal to you for you to understand