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Who Needs Who?

Jesus is in you! We need each other.

We all need Jesus!

There are times when we focus on our own needs and forget that the people we needed in that moment also needed us. God uses people to help one another; a wise couple once opened my eyes to see that God is not one-sided.

  • Treat everyone the same
  • Your marriage is sacred
  • Do not love or desire money more than God
  • You are holy by the blood of Jesus Christ
  • Offer sacrifices to me your Lord God by praising me in all circumstances for I will never forsake you
  • You alone my child cannot carry this burden for you are a mere human
    • My child you are special, I have chosen you, I have favor with you
      • Teach the people the word of God, equip them to fight
      • Be there for them when they will need you
    • I your God will be with you and with them
    • Just as you needed the people you needed along the way as they also needed you
  • You must obey me fully and keep my covenant for you are my prized possession
    • The entire world is my possession but those whom abide will be ambassadors for me
      • They shall represent Me your God