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The Great Commission & You

2020 Vision

Gods message to me to share with the world!

When you read this let the spirit of the true living God reveal to you what is meant to be revealed to YOU!

  • You are now able to attest as a witness of the great commission

    • Lets go of everything that is holding you back

    • Sin so easily get twisted in and caught up in the midst of things

  • You have what it takes to persevere

    • Despite the struggles that you face in my name 

      • Many will say to you why bother

      • I say to you Jesus your God in the flesh did it

        • It is finished

  • Your flesh will go weary and tired

    • The spirit of the living God that resides in you through your faith shall sustain you for all the days of your life

  • My child you are loved

    • I you Lord disciplines you of whom I love

    • Do not take me for granted

      • Do not be dismayed when I your God disciplines you

  • The same fear you have for your earthly father

    • I your heavenly father should acknowledge at a far greater manner but same context

  • I who disciplines you am training you to do my good works

    • You shall experience holiness of completeness

  • Bring peace to all of my people for you are now Holy and able

    • You are now set apart from sin

      • I will use you for my work

      • You have the ability to be completely devoted perfect (Complete)

      • Divine (from God, image of God)

    • Heal those who are sick

    • Redeem the lower extremities so that they are healed

  • Take all matters to Jesus

    • You are not able to directly interact with me your Lord

      • You will one day see me face to face my child

      • In the mean time Jesus me your God in the flesh shall meet you where you are

        • I will reveal myself to you at the level path that you have made for your feet

  • Though I revealed to you my faithfulness you still have such little faith in me your God

  • I hear your cries, I hear you grumble

  • I your God will instruct you

    • You must live by the standards that are set before you

  • I will provide you with what you need

    • Be steadfast in instructions

      • By doing so your blessings will be fruitful and multiply in an inconceivable way

  • My child you must not resort back to the old things old ways when turmoil arise

  • You only know what you know until you know (looks like a prostitute but reveals she is married and husband is gone)

The parenthesis is something that I wrote and the Holy Spirit put me in line and revealed to me that the woman i was judging is in fact married and is not a prostitue. I made an assumption based on my prior experiences in life (Schema) and I portrayed it on to someone else; that is not Godly nor fair to the others.

Is there someone or something that you subconsciously judge? Well dwelve into the word and through Jesus all will be reveal to you about yourself for what you need to work on. The journey to completeness goes a little something like this: Matthew 28:19-20 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

One can only effectively do such things only if one is right with self which will align one with god and that can only happen through Jesus.