Do Not Be afraid

Message for you today:

- Do not be afraid
- you must go through the storm
- your perceived suffering must happen
- Jesus experienced far worse for betterment of the nations,
- God's will be done which is a good thing for you.
- Your storm will encourage you and deter others from sinning against God
There is no need to fear anything to the point that in cripples you. The very thing you are afraid of may be something that you need to experience for growth and this perceived fearful thing may bring you closer to God in the end. There are things that you cannot prevent from happening. Whatever you have experienced remember Jesus experienced worse for all our sakes. In the end, whatever it is that is meant to be will be done. God’s plan will unfold with or without you.
The only way to not be afraid is to give it all to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.
The message above written in bullets is literally what God told me through the Holy Spirit as I was in the word a prayer time far before today. I know this message is relevant for someone today. Jesus is his name.