Good Works

2020 vision May 11
Gods message to me to share with the world:

  • I will soften hearts of those you encounter
  • Miracles are waiting for you to do
  • Do not inhibit anyone doing God’s work in My name
    ○ Others are gifted as well
    § If their gifts do not oppose yours they are of Me
  • Do not attempt to do My good works of your own will (Luke 9:54)
    ○ You must be patient and wait for my commands
  • Be steadfast in your new creation (Luke 9:62
    ○ The things that were are no more
    § Do not look back
  • Tell the world what I have done

The people that God has ordained for you to minister to will not require you to soften their hearts. That is the work of Jesus.

The gift you possess will never take away or belittle the gift of another. If this should arise at any time humble yourselves and do not inhibit one another.

True believers will not try to out shine one another nor will they try to outdo God.
Be steadfast and do not worry about who you were because that no longer matters.

Be patient and wait for Gods guidance and share with all what God has done for you.