Welcome to Reveal-ation


Through a dream followed by a sleepless night months later; I believe God would like me to share some things with you all.
My intent is not to make myself seem as if I am anything other than a partner with God because of Jesus’ death. My intent is to glorify God for everything he has chosen to use me to share.
The content being shared may not be presented in black & white; your spiritual discernment is necessary to be able to fully grasp what God is sharing.
The words of encouragement that will be delivered to you are directly from Gods word and for you to take what applies to your life to glorify God.
There are 4 dates that will be shared that have significance.

The first date

3/28/2023 and the “Illness GOP sector that’s starts something in Middle East; 32 hours illness duration”
The other dates will be revealed in advance as well.

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