Spiritually you have a path to follow!

Spiritually you have a path to follow!

Free will enables us to go outside the lines where God is still with us. While off the path your life still goes on, things will just present themselves in a different manner.
You won’t always be aware that you are off the path. What’s important here is that you realize that even if you stay on the path, other things can infiltrate your path.
When this happens you are still in good company because you are on the path that God has for you and “ it is well”.
No matter what you do, hardships, trouble and other factors of life will find you. This cannot be avoided here on earth.
In the same manner, while off the path you will be infiltrated at times as well. While off the path you may experience the same infiltration more harshly because you are not able to focus on God in a way that will enable you to handle what presents itself.
This is due to the fact that there are other things that are taking your time and attention off of God so in a situation you do not readily bring it to God, rather you try and fix the situation because of the wisdom you have gained from the time you have given God.
This illustration is based of the picture. The road is smooth and has lines and signs that guide you. Similarly, the Bible guides you but if Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not your lines then you will end up off the road(your path).
As you drive a vehicle, you do drift off the road a little here and there but you recover rather quickly, some would say immediately. The lines on the road have rumble strips in them that brings attention to you should you start to go outside the lines.
In the same manner, through Gods word you gain wisdom, through Jesus’ death you gain salvation and through the Holy Spirit you gain guidance, that is like the rumble strips on the road that signifies that you are getting ready to go off the path.
If you get off the path in your vehicle more time than not you are able to drive on, but the ride is quite different. This then takes quite a bit of your attention as you are basically in uncharted territory.
With God, if you stay in between the lines and pay attention to his guidance (rumble strips) then you will be ready for any situation that presents itself in your life.
If you made it this far, then you are on the right path, if you didn’t make it this far, life goes on.

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